Mentoring, Training & Coaching

We often hear the words, Mentoring, training and coaching during the course of our lives, and they are loosely used interchangeably. But each word is distinct from the other and can be defined clearly.

Mentoring generally covers a broad spectrum and may include training, coaching and counselling. It encompasses almost all the aspects of training, counselling and coaching. A Mentor will give advice when required, guide and teach if necessary and at times drive people to find their own answers.

Training is giving instructions and guidance, wherein the trainee learns and acquires a skill or knowledge. It is a structured way of imparting and transferring knowledge from one to one or one to many.

Coaching on the other hand, is a structured way of helping client's find their own answers. A Coach will first agree with the Client on a certain topic to discuss for a session. Then by intelligent and skillful questioning, help the Client discover innovative and creative ideas to find solutions. These ideas are then turned into action items which are attainable and measurable, to help the Client achieve his or her goals.

Each has it's own need and should be used accordingly. It is important that one understands the difference between these, and as a Coach we can guide you as to when Mentoring, Training or Coaching is required.


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