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How long is one session?

A session will normally last for 45 minutes. We can extend the session to 1 hour or more, provided we agree on the time beforehand.

What is discussed in a session?

You will decide on a topic, which will be used as a starter, for conversation in the session. I will help and guide you in narrowing down the scope, which you feel, needs your immediate attention. We will consider this scope, as the desired outcome for the session.

The 45 minute session will be divided, in discussing the immediate challenge or objective, finding innovative solutions, breaking down solutions into actionable items and making sure these are achievable.

Does the session need to be face to face?

I prefer that we conduct the session face to face and in a quiet environment. But depending on your availability, location and needs, we can also carry out the session as a Video call or even as a Voice call.